Outsourced corporate security manager

Our flagship service that makes us the a pioneer company in Croatia. Corporate security solutions aren't reserved for the big companies only, so our model offer sustainable solutions for small and mid sized companies.

Security consulting

Depending on the industry we provide custom tailored business and corporate security consulting elevating your resilience 

Hotels, camping, hospitality sites security solutions

We move on the very thin line of quality of service, guest experience, destination management and security on the other end of the spectrum

Event Security

One stop shop for your consulting, planning, organising, and operational execution of event security with an emphasis on large scale events

Corporate security coaching/mentoring

This business model includes our oversight of your implementation of corporate security in you organisation 

Security compliance

We encompass a vast amount of experience in internal and external auditing, preparation, implementation, consultancy of the highest and relevant security standards in the industry (ISO, PCI DSS, NIS2, DORA, CER, CRA)

Crisis/issues communication and management

Experienced, thoughtful, and structured crisis communication can establish clear contexts, reduce emotional tension, prevent further communicative mistakes, initiate credible change processes, and make your organisation more resilient in the long term.

Change management

The pace of change is rapid, unprecedented, and often unexpected. Organisations inevitably become more crisis-prone, and communication becomes significantly more challenging in terms of timing, content, and style.

Corporative reputation and leadership strategies

Your reputation is our driving force. Strategic and operational excellence is our aspiration. Our corporate reputation and leadership strategies services focus on helping businesses build and maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of their stakeholders, navigate complex leadership challenges, and foster a culture of transparency and accountability.

Information security services

From outsourcing CISO solutions to implementation of Information security management system

Cybersecurity advisory role

It's curtail to conduct an adequate operational analysis, provide awareness building and find the right partner for your asset protections in the digital world

Risk management

We work closely with clients to identify, assess, and mitigate risks that could impact their operations, reputation, and financial well-being. 

Travel risk management (TRM)

Expert guidance and solutions for a TRM program that aligns with industry best-practices. Sector2 extensive experience in the TRM field make us ideally positioned to implement an effective and robust program that fits your business objectives and risk appetite and protects both your personnel and your organization.

Geopolitical risk, political and threat intelligence

Given the complexities of the current multipolar world with regional and global crises, economic insecurity, and shifting political alliances, a comprehensive range of services is essential for companies seeking to navigate these challenges successfully. By leveraging expert analysis, up-to-date intelligence, and strategic guidance, businesses can make informed decisions and effectively manage geopolitical risks in today's dynamic business environment.

Business continuity management

A proactive approach that ensures an organization can continue operating during and after a disruptive event. BCM aims to minimize downtime, protect the organization's reputation, and enhance its resilience in the face of various risks